12 February 2011


I've finished my first project from 2011... finally!

A cute little vest for Luísa, my own design! I've used Debbie Bliss Baby cashmerino yarn.

Some details... the bow

and the buttons...

25 December 2010

Happy Christmas!

This year I have my first Christmas tree! And I've baked some of the decorations... made with fimo...

Christmas cookies!

I cannot eat them but I can keep them forever!

Merry Christmas everyone!

04 December 2010

Piet hat

Luísa made a Piet hat at the creche this week! Well, she 'painted' it! Very nice and colourful! If you never herd about Zwarte Piet look here. Happy Sinterklass!

03 December 2010

The birthday girl & the birthday cake

Luísa had her first birthday this week... yup, she's one year old now!

Here she is 'reading' a book... on her first birthday.

And here is the cake! I've made it myself. It had 2 layers of red fruits jam, the icing was mascarpone and it was covered with red fruits.

She liked it very much! Om nom nom nom...

25 October 2010

The cutest (girly) booties

I've made the Debbie Bliss booties again, this time for a girl, sweet wee Alba :)
It's the perfect present, they are just soooo cute, it's always a hit!

23 October 2010

Baby bolero

My September project: a baby bolero for Luísa! I started to follow a pattern from Debbie Bliss but ended up with a totally different edging and it was not so bad...

Here it is, a close-up from the picot edging. I had a coat with this same edge when I was a baby. It's very easy to make. I've followed these instructions.

06 September 2010

Red booties

I've made the same booties for Luísa.

Here she is posing for the photo.

Of course that what she really likes is to take them off immediately...

02 September 2010

The cutest booties

I can't believe that my previous post was last February! Almost 6 months ago... I've done a few things but I don't have that much time to make posts...

It took me more than a month to make these cute booties for Gançalo. The pattern is from Debbie Bliss. This is the easy start!

Then, shaping the foot, it gets a bit more complex...

I know, it looks weird, but it will turn out OK. It took me a while to understand the secret of this rolled edge, but in the end it all works out very well and it is just one piece.

Here the second edge is already made

Finally the sole, knitted to the bootee.

Then is just sewing-up and voilá! I've added some light green stitches to the border.

Here they are, ready to be packed and sent to Gonçalo!

27 February 2010

Winter rib hat

Here is Luísa with her new winter hat!

Hum... cosy...

... and warm!

A simple rib stitch hat that I've made using some yarn leftovers. This stitch is very elastic, so I hope that it will fit her for quite some time.

Here is the hat before sewing. The colour combinations turned out quite well!

02 February 2010

Dummy cloth

Another baby project! A dummy cloth: a soft towelling cloth with a loop for attaching the dummy. It allows the baby to chew on the dummy and fiddle about with the cloth. It's also suppose to enable the baby to find his dummy more easily in bed and suck it back into his mouth again. I've personalized this one with Luísa's name for the creche.