26 July 2008


We've tried our own version the the stitch robots featured on the cover of Craft:01! I've made the knitting and João made the circuits for the eyes. By pressing their necks, their eyes light up, the red eyed says 'we come in peace' and the yellow eyed says 'take me to your leader'... just kidding... it's just the eyes that work... they don't talk... yet...


An origami shrimp, nice for dinner parties... To make this one I've followed a video. As they say, it may look complex, but it's really a cinch to make! I prefer it with the antennas to the back!

Small Box

This origami box is perfect for small gifts. If it's really well made it will hold on without any glue. It's very easy to make, I've followed these instructions at origami-instructions.com

22 July 2008

Firefly baby booties

These baby booties were a co-project with João. It was our participation in a booty contest announced at Craft Magazine. I guess it was one of my first craft projects to be posted on-line. It was great to hear the good reviews, actually one of the reasons that made me start this blog to show my crafts. We've also prepared a 'how to', it is now available at Etsy and Craftzine.

Striped baby hat & socks

I've finished today this adorable striped baby set. I've made it for a friend who just had a baby boy. The pattern was taken from a Debbie Bliss book (Baby Cashmerino 2) and the yarn is also from Debbie Bliss. I've bought both the book and the yarn at Woool, they have a great range of yarns for knitting.


My embroidery masterpice: a cushion made for my grandmother last summer. I took the pattern from Labores del Hogar Magazine.

Boy & Girl puppets

I've made these two puppets at least 3 years ago, I can't remember very well... The bodies are made from pink pale velvet and the sweaters and hair are made from acrylic yarn. I've already washed them and they're still looking nice. Aren't they a friendly pair?

The Love monster

This was my Valentine's present to João this year! I got my inspiration from a couple of monsters I saw on Craft Magazine.

18 July 2008


I'm keen on origami, it's so much fun! I bought a pack of traditional origami paper (edo chiyogami) during a trip to Japan and I'll start to post these beauties frequently.


The Tsuru, a classic origami model.

The Japanese have a particular sensibility that allowed them to turn the two-dimensional, flat world of paper into three-dimensional objects such as birds, animals, fancy envelops, boxes, flowers and boats, and make use of them for both play and practical purposes in day-to-day life - Kazuo Kobayashi