25 August 2008

Sea urchins and shells

I caught these sea urchins and shells during my holiday in Sardinia. I'll try to make some earrings and perhaps a bracelet with the shells, I'll need to get some help from João to make the holes without destroying the shells, then I can start my jewelry tag! And with the sea urchins... I'm still not sure what to do with them... for the moment they're just lying on my desk, reminding me of the great time I had there!

iPod sock

I've made this cosy sock for my iPod with some leftover yarn I got. Just have to come up with an idea to put the phones as well... perhaps I'll try to do another one using felt with two separate bags, one for the iPod, another for the phones. I've bought it already this weekend, also blue. Hope I'll be able to finish this week.

08 August 2008

Sultana puppets

I didn't make these ones myself, but they sure make a nice pair! I've won them by eating tomato & cheese biscuits. You can learn about it at Sultana's website (only in Dutch). Perhaps I'll try my own version of these hand puppets later... so these ones will have more friends to invite for coffee...

Lavender bags

I've made these lavender bags for my grandmother, it's her birthday next week! I've bought the lavender last year at Provence, South of France, it smells great!