08 August 2008

Lavender bags

I've made these lavender bags for my grandmother, it's her birthday next week! I've bought the lavender last year at Provence, South of France, it smells great!


Maggie Ann said...

Lovely! I love lavender but find I love peppermint even more. I use an eye dropper and put a few drops of lav.&pepp. essence on a cotton ball and tuck one in my pocket and in my knitting bag...etc..etc. Have a nice day. I've enjoyed my visit to your blog..quick as it must be!

Fipas said...

Olá Ana! Gostei muito de ver o seu blog! As botinhas com a luz estão muito engraçadas e gosto das explicações e fotos dos seus trabalhos! Obrigada pela partilha!!! Beijinhos!