07 December 2008


Zimtsterne, cinnamon cookie stars. A traditional German Christmas recipe. The pastry is made of almonds, sugar, egg white, cinnamon an lemon zest and juice. Very nice for tea/coffee.

Red fruit cheesecake

I've made another cheesecake! I've followed this recipe (sorry, it's only available in Portuguese). I've used light kwark cheese and fresh red fruits for the jam, it was delicious...

05 December 2008

Christmas treats

Hum... Christmas treats... lots of them! Germany has a great range of Christmas sweets, and I'm so close! I've took these pictures in Aachen last week. I'm glad I only bought two small packs, because they're already gone. I'm left with the pictures... zero calories... I'll try to make the little stars, I have the recipe.


We're getting close! Here's a Christmas table decoration I made for my house with some recycled items from previous years and a small glass cup with a candle. Simple and effective, I'm in the mood for Christmas!