06 March 2009


I've started to grow some seeds last week. For the moment I'm using yogurt cups. I hope that when the weather gets better and warmer they'll will be ready to move to my balcony into some bigger pots. Rucola was the first one to germinate... I just don't understand why they all started to grow on the edge of the cup. If I remember well, I've put the seeds on the centre, odd... anyway, they're looking good and they're the first to pop out. Next was the cabbage, Portuguese 'couve galega' also looking good and strong. I'm really looking forward to some 'caldo verde' which is a traditionally Portuguese soup made with this cabbage. I cannot find it here in The Netherlands and I miss it. João also has his own yogurt cups, we're trying to determine who his the best grower. Time will tell! I'll be making some more post of the other crops sooner.

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