13 September 2009

Baby blanket

Here is my current project: a blanket for the new family member to arrive in November: my baby! It's a very simple pattern, all in garter stitch with little holes on the edges to put a ribbon all around it. I'm using Debbie Bliss's baby cashmerino, this yarn is great! I'm more or less in the middle of it. It should measure around 80 by 80 cm when it's finished. Although I'm happy that I just have to knit and don't bother to follow any instructions to increase or decrease, I think it will take me quite some time to finish-up... I think it's my biggest knitting project ever.

07 September 2009

Pink baby set II

I've done another pink baby set (booties and hat) for Selina, the baby daughter of a friend of mine. It's similar to the one I've made last year. I've followed Debbie Bliss's pattern for the hat but I innovated a bit with the booties. I've followed the baby sandals pattern just until I had the basic foot shape and then I've continued knitting a little tube. I think they've turned out to be really nice, plus I think that they'll hold on better then the sandals.
I'm going to try and make these same booties with 5 needles, and I'll try to get pictures of the all process. By working with the 5 needles, I'll be able to finish-up a bootee almost without any sewing, which is the only thing that I don't like in these booties I've made for Selina... I need practice my sewing...