07 September 2009

Pink baby set II

I've done another pink baby set (booties and hat) for Selina, the baby daughter of a friend of mine. It's similar to the one I've made last year. I've followed Debbie Bliss's pattern for the hat but I innovated a bit with the booties. I've followed the baby sandals pattern just until I had the basic foot shape and then I've continued knitting a little tube. I think they've turned out to be really nice, plus I think that they'll hold on better then the sandals.
I'm going to try and make these same booties with 5 needles, and I'll try to get pictures of the all process. By working with the 5 needles, I'll be able to finish-up a bootee almost without any sewing, which is the only thing that I don't like in these booties I've made for Selina... I need practice my sewing...

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