22 November 2009


As it's already getting quite cold here, I've also made a sweater for Mr. Bunny. This time I didn't follow any pattern, as I was using a much thinner yarn compared with the yarn that Debbie Bliss used for this pattern. But it fits!

Little dresses

Here are the little red dresses I've made for the monkeys holding the curtains on my baby's room.

They continue to do their job!

14 November 2009


I've followed a Debbie Bliss pattern to make this little rabbit. I took the pattern from Debbie's knitting magazine spring/summer 2009 and I've used her baby cashemerino yarn. First I've knitted all the pieces separately.

And here is the final result after swing-up all the pieces and embroidering the face. A very cute little bunny!

Baby's nappies

More cross stitch, this time on baby's nappies. I took the first three patterns from this website where you'll find a lot of free patterns and learn about Miffy (or Nijntje, her original Dutch name).

Baby's bibs

I've been making a lot of cross stitch lately. Here are some very simple cross stitch patterns for baby's bibs.

09 November 2009


During the weekend I've made the curtains for the baby's room. The fabric is from Ikea...

... and I've used my new sewing machine (Pfaff Hobby 1142) to do the sewing. It's a really simple project to do, you just need to make sure that you have all the measures right!

I've used these two cute little monkeys to grab the curtains. They have magnets inside their hands! I've already bought them like this, probably the idea was to grab them to the baby's cot, but I thought that they would look really nice grabbing the curtains.

Don't they look cute? Now I'm going to try to make them dresses!

06 November 2009

The blanket is ready!

I've finally finished the blanket...

... just in time for the arrival of my baby girl! Here I am this week with my 38 weeks bump! Hopefully I'll still have time to do some other projects next week!