06 September 2010

Red booties

I've made the same booties for Luísa.

Here she is posing for the photo.

Of course that what she really likes is to take them off immediately...

02 September 2010

The cutest booties

I can't believe that my previous post was last February! Almost 6 months ago... I've done a few things but I don't have that much time to make posts...

It took me more than a month to make these cute booties for Gançalo. The pattern is from Debbie Bliss. This is the easy start!

Then, shaping the foot, it gets a bit more complex...

I know, it looks weird, but it will turn out OK. It took me a while to understand the secret of this rolled edge, but in the end it all works out very well and it is just one piece.

Here the second edge is already made

Finally the sole, knitted to the bootee.

Then is just sewing-up and voilá! I've added some light green stitches to the border.

Here they are, ready to be packed and sent to Gonçalo!