02 September 2010

The cutest booties

I can't believe that my previous post was last February! Almost 6 months ago... I've done a few things but I don't have that much time to make posts...

It took me more than a month to make these cute booties for Gançalo. The pattern is from Debbie Bliss. This is the easy start!

Then, shaping the foot, it gets a bit more complex...

I know, it looks weird, but it will turn out OK. It took me a while to understand the secret of this rolled edge, but in the end it all works out very well and it is just one piece.

Here the second edge is already made

Finally the sole, knitted to the bootee.

Then is just sewing-up and voilá! I've added some light green stitches to the border.

Here they are, ready to be packed and sent to Gonçalo!


Bubinda said...

Hello Ana.
You have very nice knitting projects! You inspired me to do the Debbie Bliss booties. However, I have a problem at the end of Shape Instep.
I picked up 12 st up to the top, knit 12 on the top of instep and 12 down the instep. Then I knit 12 st that were remaining from the 'base'.
The next step should be to pick up st 5 rows below, but I really do not understand the instructions here. How many stitches to pick up ? And knit them together with what ?
I am getting desperate...i am trying to figure it out from your pictures but I am very confused. Could you please give me some advice what I should do next ?

Thank you so much and good luck with your knitting projects.


Ana said...

Hi Jarmila,

Many thanks for you comment. It also took me a while to understand how the rolled edge is made. You might try to do a separate sample for this, because the shape of the foot makes it a bit worse. The idea is that, once you have worked 5 rows in stocking stitch, you'll need to knit each of the the stitches (all of them) together with the correspondent stitch below. This is what it makes the rolled edge. It's not that hard once you learn the trick. If you send me your e-mail I can send you a video.

Best wishes,