25 December 2010

Happy Christmas!

This year I have my first Christmas tree! And I've baked some of the decorations... made with fimo...

Christmas cookies!

I cannot eat them but I can keep them forever!

Merry Christmas everyone!

04 December 2010

Piet hat

Luísa made a Piet hat at the creche this week! Well, she 'painted' it! Very nice and colourful! If you never herd about Zwarte Piet look here. Happy Sinterklass!

03 December 2010

The birthday girl & the birthday cake

Luísa had her first birthday this week... yup, she's one year old now!

Here she is 'reading' a book... on her first birthday.

And here is the cake! I've made it myself. It had 2 layers of red fruits jam, the icing was mascarpone and it was covered with red fruits.

She liked it very much! Om nom nom nom...